The Imaginary Museum: Rudolf Sagmeister on the Kunsthaus Bregenz

The  Imaginary Museum is a project originated by David Clegg at the Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University of Wellington during 2002 and was presented there in 2003.
It was also presented at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, in association with the exhibition COME-IN, interior design as a contemporary art medium in Germany, curated by Volker Albus and Renate Goldmann for Institut für Auslandsbezeinhungen e. V., Stuttgart.
It was most recently presented at the Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch, in 2004.

The project presents spoken commentaries by directors, curators and staff from 21 European contemporary art museums, on details of recent museum architecture from within their own institution.
These commentaries are made available, via CD Walkman and headphones together with photographs, to audiences within similar museum and institutional architectures on the opposite side of the world.

This involvement by museum visitors activates the many different aspects and spaces of the project, especially as the display conditions and context of its presentation change with each new venue. It is through these variously perceived, imagined and remembered spaces that a singular and individual space can be arrived at, which we might call The Imaginary Museum.

One of the 21 Museums that David Clegg selected for this project is the Kunsthaus Bregenz, and you can follow the contribution of Rudolf Sagmeister, its Director, here.


One thought on “The Imaginary Museum: Rudolf Sagmeister on the Kunsthaus Bregenz

  1. Elina ha detto:

    Per una lettura architettonica della Kunsthaus di Bregenz,1254,53_ART_172290,00.html


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