Magasin 3 Stockolm Konsthall


Andrea Zittel, “A-Z Wagon Station at A-Z West”, 2005

Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall is privately funded but the work has always been for the public. When Magasin 3 was founded in 1987 it filled a gap on the national scene. It fast became one of the most important actors on the contemporary art scene by ambitious introductions of mid-career internationally established artists. The first exhibitions also marked the beginning of the collection. A close dialectical relationship between exhibition program and collection has become significant for the institution. Magasin 3 frequently creates possibilities for the exhibiting artists to produce new works. These artworks are the core of the collection, which in total consists of approximately 600 works. The collection is reflected in solo exhibitions by the artist’s represented, as well as thematic shows. Not only the works obtained from exhibitions at Magasin 3 but even other acquisitions tend to be recent works by the artists. This is a distinctive characteristic of the collection – the works of art are about the times we live in and created by contemporary artists or artists with relevance to our time. For over 20 years Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall has lent works to numerous museums around the world. James Turrell’s ”Dawning” that was created for an exhibition in 1994 is the only work that is permanently installed. In the last few years Magasin 3 has expanded its program to include lectures and talks that complement our publications in providing a more in-depth view of the exhibitions. Another novelty is the intensified collaboration with other international art institutions as founder members of FACE.

Magasin 3 Stockholm Konsthall is one of Europe’s leading institutions for contemporary art. Our aim is to support artistic practice and actively take part in society by introducing and presenting artists. One of the free port’s old warehouses from the 1930s with an exhibition area of ca. 1500 square meters has housed Magasin 3 from the start. David Neuman has been the director since its inception. Magasin 3 is an independent cultural institution under the auspices of the privately owned company group Proventus AB.



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    Andrea Zittel “Lay of My Land” –


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